I am a composer and university teacher based in Vienna. I’m fascinated with film music harmony.


That’s why I’m writing a doctoral thesis on this subject at the Universität für darstellende Kunst Wien. The sources of my work are Bernard Hermann, Igor Strawinsky, Gustav Mahler, John Williams, Gustav Holst, and Danny Elfman.


I’m the Head of Department for Media Music and the senate chairman at the Jam Music Lab University Vienna. Here I teach composition and sound design for games and films.


I’m a composer at the renowned Universal Edition in Vienna.


Technology is an important part of my work, so Steinberg is my first choice when it comes to music and sound design.


In addition to media music, I compose orchestral pieces that deal with narratives and myths.


Forbidden Seas




Sounds and Scores

Narcissus – Adagio for Strings

The story of a beautiful young man who was cursed as a punishment and could only love himself. The piece is inspired by Gustav Mahler and played by Budapest Scoring.


Prometheus as the teacher of mankind was punished for it by Zeus. The piece has 3 themes. The light theme (solo violin) representing the gift to humanity. And the heavy ones stand for Zeus and his punishment. The piece has an open end (Am maj7).

Algos – Solo for Bassguitar

In 2008 I played this bass solo on my Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe. The key is E minor and I use different Aeolian and Phrygian modes, played with a 4 finger technique and double thumbing.


The music in this trailer is inspired by Bernard Hermann. I use the Octatonic and the Hitchcock Chord (Cm maj7).

Forbidden Seas

Inspired by the painting Seascape by Ivan Aivazovsky (1856)

Media Music

In my 20 years of work, I have gained an international portfolio in radio, film, tv, cinema and games.

I composed music for german (ZDF) and american series (Fox, National Geographic). In addition to hundreds of games (Xbox, Nintendo) and radio productions, I developed the signature for an american TV channel.

Brands I have worked for:

Substral/Pepsi/CocaCola/WeightWatchers/Ford/Alltours/Becker/Boss/Edeka/Peek&Cloppenburg/Mc Donalds/Bahlsen/Air Berlin/Novomatic/Sinalco/Wikifolio/Brother/Shopware/Springer Nature/Sat1/SanDisk/Brita/Bertelsmann/Fulda//Replay/Bayer/Wiener Ball der Wirtschaft/Audi BKK/IKK/Impera/


Narcissus - Adagio for Strings


Narcissus - Mockup

Airberlin Spot

Forbidden Seas


Prometheus - Mockup

TV Signation - 101 Network

Hollywood Harmony

Stay At Home

Algos - Solo for Bassguitar


CCS2 vs Real Strings

Mezzanine No.10


Fotos: Michael Stelzhammer       Styling: Julia Hrdina